Earth, Wind & Water!

Unlike with other forms of energy, wind power saves water verses spends it.

Coal plants, as with most other steam producing electrical facilities, use massive amounts of water from surrounding rivers, lakes, or oceans to create steam for their turbines. And then, they use even more water to cool the steam they produce.

Click here to see how massive amounts of water are used to produce electricity for coal, nuclear and gas facilities

To put it in perspective, powering your home with coal, gas, or nuclear energy uses as much water as leaving a shower on for the entire day!

So what about Wind power? How much of earth's precious water does Wind power use to produce energy?

None. Wind uses no water.

Wind is clean, green and renewable. It is the ultimate recycler - using wind over and over to produce energy, without straining and draining precious water resources. Which, when you’re in a drought-plagued state like Texas, can be critical, to say the least.

Does Choosing Wind to provide electricity for your home actually SAVE water?

Indeed it does!

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In Texas, our mighty Texas wind farms save our state over 7.8 billion gallons of water a year. Read more...

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In the U.S., wind power will save about 30 trillion bottles of water, by 2030. Read more...

At Breeze Energy, we provide our customers with electricity supplied by 100% wind, and 100% of that wind, comes from Texas wind farms. Breeze believes, that when you live in a state that is ranked # 1 in wind production for the U.S., you need to provide it affordably to the people of Texas.