Just how clean is wind energy anyway?

Wind is... Renewable

It won't run out. Ever. It is Limitless, because the wind is always blowing somewhere, all the time.

Wind is... Green

It doesn't use huge bodies of water to make energy like fossil fuels must do to generate electricity.

Wind is... Clean

It doesn't emit harmful greenhouse gases, emissions or pollutants into our air and water like fossil fuel sources do.

One wind turbine can...

REPLACE 1,600 tons of carbon dioxide, 9 tons of sulfur dioxide, and 4 tons of nitrous oxide out of the into the air - every year!

REMOVE as much carbon dioxide out of the air as 900,000 trees.

POWER up to 600,000 homes with clean energy.

SAVE about 30 trillion bottles of water by the year 2030.

And savings like that is good for the whole earth.

Clean Wind Energy for the Earth
At Breeze Energy, we provide our customers with electricity supplied by 100% wind, and 100% of that wind, comes from Texas wind farms. Breeze believes, that when you live in a state that is ranked # 1 in wind production for the U.S., you need to provide it affordably to the people of Texas.