Texas Commercial Electricity Rates & Plans

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Going Green is a Breeze!

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It’s good business to go green, especially when it doesn’t cost extra green to do it. And, Breeze is truly green with 100% of our energy coming from pure, clean Texas wind. We offer a variety of plans, rates, and terms to choose from including:

Breeze Energy Fixed-Rate
Plans that help you keep a tight rein on your company’s operational expenses.

Breeze Energy Variable-Rate
Rates fluctuate based on market conditions.

Breeze Energy Month-to-Month
Some businesses, for many reasons, require month-to-month flexibility without a contract or cancellation fees.

Call 855-391-9463 (WIND) to speak with an energy advisor who will help you select the plan that best suits your business and your budget.

At Breeze Energy, we provide our customers with electricity supplied by 100% wind, and 100% of that wind, comes from Texas wind farms. Breeze believes, that when you live in a state that is ranked # 1 in wind production for the U.S., you need to provide it affordably to the people of Texas.