Affordable energy. Without costing you your planet.

Your light switch is a LONG way from an electric power plant. Whether the electricity in your home or office comes from a fossil fuel source- a coal plant, gas refinery or a nuclear plant- or if you get your electricity powered from a wind farm, there is a pretty simple path it takes to get to your home or business. Here's how Breeze Energy supplies it's customers with clean electricity- powered by 100% renewable, clean, green Texas wind!

Three Easy Steps from the Wind Farm to You!

Step 1

Generators produce electricity from either fossil fuels - like coal Gas or Nuclear plans. Or, the energy source comes rom Renewables like Solar or Wind Farms.

Step 2
& Distribution

Transmission & Distribution companies own the poles & wires that carry the electricity from the generators to the meters. This network of pole and wires is called the "Grid".

Step 3
Retail Electric

Retailers (REP) buy electricity from Generators and sell to homes and businesses. They bring all the steps together. They have the power delivered from the Generators through the Grid to the Pole in your alley right to your door.

ERCOT: Reliable Electricity Council of Texas

ERCOT is the statewide coordinator of all 3 steps between 1. Generators - 2. Transmission & Distribution - 3. REPs to ensure reliable Power to your door. Whether is is a heat wave, ice storm, hurricane or wind, ERCOT delivers reliable electricity to homes and businesses.

At Breeze Energy, we provide our customers with electricity supplied by 100% wind, and 100% of that wind, comes from Texas wind farms. Breeze believes, that when you live in a state that is ranked # 1 in wind production for the U.S., you need to provide it affordably to the people of Texas.