What can we do with all this wind?

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Breeze™ Energy is 100% clean, 100% green, 100% Texas wind energy. Our competitors? Well, they’re owned by companies that generate over 80% of their electricity from coal, gas and nuclear energy. Find out how affordable pure Breeze Energy can be for your home or business.

A humble breeze can power 500 homes with a single wind turbine.

A humble breeze can blend 273 fruit smoothies with seven rotations of a wind turbine.

A humble breeze can save the U.S. about 30 trillion bottles of water by 2030.

A humble breeze can save 2600 tons of carbon dioxide per megawatt.

A humble breeze can provide clean, green power using virtually no water.

100% clean

Wind power is the most planet-friendly energy source there is, using fewer natural resources than any other kind of energy – including solar power.

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100% green

Breeze Energy uses only 100% renewable, non-polluting, wind-generated electricity. No other Texas power company can say that.

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100% Texas

Texas is fortunate to have the most abundant source of wind energy of any state – by far. So who needs fossil fuels?

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